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A mixed CV

This CV form is the best choice for  people with extensive experience and achievements. As its name suggests - it is a compilation of the above forms. The order in which the information is presented is reverse and exposes the most important achievements at a given position. A mixed CV is prepared in a way similar to the chronological one - to each of the positions we assign major achievements which we can personally boast. It is important to define those successes in detail. So if a Sales Director helped to cause the growth of the sales of the product he may specify that the growth reached 15% per year;  a person in a managerial position may provide information about reducing the project team from 30 persons to 18 with the note: "no impact on the effectiveness of activities."
A mixed CV shifts its emphasis from the responsibilities to professional success. 

An example of a presentation of professional experience in a combined CV is shown below:

An effective manager. Several years of experience in sales and team  management acquired in the fashion industry companies.


01.12.2007 - Company X Regional Sales Manager, currently employed
- Effective acquisition of new locations and franchise partners - Increasing the sales network by 20%
- Sales growth in the region / achieving the best sales results in Poland /
- Raising the qualifications of the personnel through trainings and carrying out independent coaching sessions within the customer service area and Visual Merchandising / program launched all around Poland /
- Introduction of two persons to the position of Regional Manager
- Reduction of staff costs and fluctuations in the region / positions optimization /.
01.06.2005 - 30.11.2007 Company X Showroom Manager
- 1-st place in the competition for the best showroom in Poland
- Substantial improvement of the inventory results / decrease in theft and loss /.

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