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A functional CV

It is a form recommended for professionals and managers specializing in specific branches, people with considerable experience in a given industry. A functional CV focuses on the current duties and skills gained while performing them.
This CV form  works when there are some gaps in employment, too frequent job shifting or changing the higher into a lower position. We may also use it when we change our profession.
Such a CV must include correct information but allows some tricks that will not arouse suspicions and will not discourage the recruiter.  We may not have a chance to defend our candidacy unless during a direct conversation.
A functional CV does not differ significantly in its form from the chronological resume. The only thing that distinguishes it is the experience part.  Depending on what we want to achieve (or hide), we should expose the experience from a particular branch, listing in detail responsibilities and achievements. We leave out the positions or places of employment that we are not proud of or we don’t want to be associated with.  For example a marketing director with 10 years of managerial experience doesn’t have to mention that he started his professional career working in the warehouse. We focus on two or three jobs that best characterize our experience. The recruiter will notice gaps in our employment but will refer to them during the interview. We can try to convince him that these breaks had no significant impact on our whole experience and skills.

An example of a functional CV is presented below:

An effective manager. Several years of experience in managing sales
and a team of employees acquired in the fashion industry.

Main skills
Human Resources Management:
- Assessment of staff requirement
- Selection and recruitment of staff
- Motivating employees
- Organizing and conducting trainings

Sales process management:
- Setting sales plans
- Realization of sales goals
- Controlling the operating costs of showrooms / personnel costs, inventory results, planning turnovers
- Analysis of the profitability of new showrooms.

Effective customer service and negotiation skills:
- Professional customer service, knowledge of sales techniques
- Experience in conducting negotiations / search for new locations and franchise partners.

Ability to take initiative:
- Development and introduction of new procedures for the introduction of new employees for Showroom Manager positions throughout the whole showroom network.

01.12.2007 – currently employed       Company X Regional Sales Manager
01.06.2005 - 30.11.2007                      Company Y Showroom Manager
31/03/2004 - 05/31/2005                      Showroom Deputy Manager.

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