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A chronological CV

This is the most common type. It shows various stages of employment in an orderly and schematic way. It is to provide in a simple and understandable manner the current career path.  We must remember that the order in which our educational and professional development is presented should be reverse i.e. from the most recent till the earliest information.
We must also remember to combine the information into categories, such as personal details, experience, skills, education, etc. The lack of clear structure reduces the quality of the CV.
This CV form may be used by anyone, especially people with little professional experience or by those with a continuous and consistent career path. It is best for  graduates, people who were employed in one company for a long time, or on a similar job position in a small number of companies. 

An example of a chronological CV is shown below:


01.12.2007 – Company X  Regional Sales Manager, currently employed
- Management of 12 shops / western Poland /
- Coordination of opening new showrooms
- Managing the budget in the subordinate region
- Conducting job recruitments
- Staff training
- Analysis and control of sales performance
- Monitoring stocks

01.06.2005 - 30.11.2007 Company X Showroom Manager
- Coordinating, directing and supervising subordinate employees / 12 people /
- Motivating, recruiting of staff
- Conducting trainings / customer service
- Inventory control
- Supervising visual merchandising.

31/03/2004 - 05/31/2005 Company Y Showroom Deputy Manager
- Taking care of customer service standards and VM
- Inventory control.

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