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A general cover letter

In the body of the letter we convince a future employer why we are the right person for the job. We prove it in a few words. We write about contests, carried out and invented projects. We describe our personal qualities that make us stand out in the crowd. We don’t generalize e.g. I am creative. This is pointless. We should read the job offer with attention and describe those qualities which are demanded from us from the employer. For example as a sales person we should be communicative, amiable. As an accountant we should be patient and scrupulous. In the case of a graphic designer the demanded quality is creativity. If we include information about our interests they should also be related to the job position we apply for. Otherwise they are not worth mentioning.

Jan Kowalski                                                                                            Kraków, date
Ul. Morelowa 15
35-178 Kraków
                                                                             Dear Sirs,


With regards to your job offer no. ref. 987/KG published on 23.08.2010 in the online service pracuj.pl I would like to present my candidature for the position of Accountant.

I gained the necessary knowledge studying at the university. I completed specialist courses which allowed me to be acquainted with the international accounting standards (IAS). I controlled accounts and made financial reports. I have knowledge about the conducting inventory, current assets and liabilities. I completed the course “Recording economic events at a company and exchange of data.”
I am skilled at servicing accounts.
Working as an account is my primary professional goal. I wish to have a creative influence of managing accounts.
I have analytical abilities, I am scrupulous, patient and honest.

                                                                                           Yours sincerely,
                                                                                           Jan Kowalski 

I hereby agree to the processing of my personal data for recruitment purposes  pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Dz. U. z 2002 r. Nr 101, poz. 926 z poź. Zm.). 

Cover letter

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