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Diagnosis of the employees’ potential, team building

The diagnosis of employees ‘ potential  within the organization is conducted in order to assess in what way, whether positive or negative,  the human capital affects the whole enterprise.

The effectiveness of the organization rests in the productivity of its employees. This is why it is very important to know what potential rests in what employees. We help contractors to analyze the human resources and the level of its utilization in the organization so as to effectively exploit the potential of the organization.

Thanks to the diagnosis of professional potential  of employees  the company receives objective information regarding the competencies of assessed people and  managerial predispositions. Employee’s  potential assessment is essential while:

- Defining training needs
- Preparing the system of staff motivation
- Preparing  the assessment system or employees’ motivating system
- Introducing of control procedures

We design the career paths and post succession.

The sum of the potentials of all employees is the potential of the whole company which results in achieved  business goals. 

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